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Charl Botha

Charl graduated from Paul Roos Gymnasium in Stellenbosch in 2002. He has spent the last 12 years in academics where he obtained the following qualifications:
– B.Com (Investment Management and Economics)
– B.Com Hons (Strategy and Innovation)
– BA (Philosophy)
– BA Hons (Philosophy)
– M.A (Philosophy – in progress/current)
– Passed CFA level 1, 2, and 3 exams

Charl was set on a career in academia but the intellectual thrill of real world investing resulted in the establishment (July 2013) of the Futurewealth Portfolio in partnership with Mercato Financial services. Charl is an avid reader and his interests include probability theory, epistemology, psychology, economics, politics, theoretical cosmology, mathematical logic, theology, and evolutionary biology. He is currently the portfolio manager of the Futurewealth Portfolio.


The greatest privilege that any human being has is the opportunity to be a creator. Futurewealth is our attempt at crafting a masterpiece.

Futurewealth is currently a private client portfolio management company which carefully conceives and constructs the Futurewealth PORTFOLIO (FP). The portfolio will consist of our best investment ideas, which means that at any given point in time it will be made up of a small number of exceptional businesses and cash to take advantage of new opportunities as and when they emerge.

The minimum return objective we are aiming at is to double the capital of any co-investee during any given 5-year period. This translates into a return of approximately 15% per year on average during a 5-year rolling period.*

At Futurewealth, we believe in being masterful at what we do (investing). To us, there is no business unless this is our business.

Your co-investor,


*We do not guarantee any future performance.