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#Feesmustfall inspires #Standardsmustfall, which results in #Realitydoesntfall

The primary cause of the #Feesmustfall mess is not money. There are some real problems at our university campuses, but not the ones you suppose. Let me explain. Many willing and prepared young people do not have access to the sort of money that would allow them to

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AdaptIT: So far proving adept at creating value

A closer look at the numbers. Information technology is to the brain what mechanical power is to our bodies – excellent prosthetics. Human beings aren’t very strong in the bigger scheme of things; chimpanzees are up to 5 times stronger than us on a power-to-weight basis. Neither

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Master Drilling: Well worth a dig

Why you need to buy the best driller of holes in the world for your bottom drawer. Before we dig into Master Drilling (MDI) so to speak, I want to thank each person who sent me an email to take part in a friendly wager concerning Rolfes

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The spirit of a holding company (part 2)

Investors can learn much from Buffet and notable South African investors.   I want to start off by thanking Mr “jblack” for his comments on part 1 of this 2 -part essay. If I have been unclear, and reading Mr Black’s commentary I have been, then I

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The spirit of a holding company (part 1)

Ideas inspired by Caylen Cane (good friend and passionate student of investment practice).   Warren Buffet is a financial genius. He has generated Midas-like wealth for many hundreds of people through his investment holding company (Berkshire Hathaway), and arguably many multiples more as a result of his

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Happy reading and careful thinking

The basic shape that my preparation takes and some specific thoughts resulting from that part of my job that could be considered active.   Running a small investment fund is a little bit like waiting for summer when it is winter. There is no hurrying the process

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